COVID-19 Update

Hey guys and Gals,

So as many of you know ODB is a very small company of just me and my girlfriend and during the last few months we have found out some great news and, dun dun dun dunnnnn, we have a LIl ODB on the way. Now all happiness and smiles on mine and Tyler’s faces aside, whilst still here, have to look at what is happening in the climate of the world right now. We have to be very strict in making sure our health stays tip top to make sure that none of us get COVID-19.

We wash our hands consonantly, no longer frequent our local watering hole, keep our store in top clean conditions. BUT… Something has to give and that is our time.

Due to recent information of the spread of coronavirus in Europe, there is only damage limitation and that means a semi-isolation situation. This could all blow over but also, it may not.

SO, We have decided to limit the amount of times that we send out post to every Wednesday. We won’t be closing and our post will be sent out COVID-FREE from the elves in our shop. Sorry for the inconvenience. We truly are.

Please keep safe during this period of unknowing and make sure you wash your hands.

sending love to the ODB Family

Chris & Tyler

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